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127 Catchy Architecture firm names ideas & suggestions for new architects

architecture firm names

Are you dreaming to open an Architect business and trying to find Architecture firm names for your architecture business startup?

Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. Architects design all kinds of buildings. They design schools, hospitals, hotels, train stations, and regular houses. Every building which people use has probably been designed by some architect. 

Different types of architects.

There are some types of architect.

  • Residential Architect.
  • Commercial Architect.
  • Interior Design Architect.
  • Green Design Architect.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Urban Designer Architect.
  • Industrial Architect.

The very first thing when you consider your architecturing company is choosing the name of your company which attracts the more potential customers. Your potential customers must be able to recognize what your architecturing company is selling by looking at the name of your company. There are many factors before choosing the right name for your architecturing company.

 In this article, i will discuss all the important step that are including in the naming process and also share architecture names list that will help you to get some ideas.

Things to consider while Creating Perfect Carpentry business names:

1. A name Should be Simple & Sounds good.

First thing is very important when choosing a business name is it should sound good. when you are choosing a name keep in mind a simple name is always a good option that always sounds good and attract more people toward itself.

2. It should be short

A business name does not need more than 2-3 words. if you choose a long name for your business you will face different problem one of them is people will not intrested because it will bore them.

3. A name that describes your services.

Choose a name that should describe your business services, product quality, and your identity too. When someone see your architecture firm names they will get some idea about what you are selling.

4. A Name that attracts more

Try to choose a name that attract more people. A creative and funky name has a power to attract more customer toward itself. So remember this while choosing name.

5. The modern and catchy names.

With a modern and catchy name of your architecturing business you can convey the message of your business, speciality, quality and work.

6. Try not to use Homophone words

Always avoid homophone words in your business name. Homophone words are words that have different spelling and meaning but they have similar pronunciation. For example Meet- Meat or wood-would so-on. By using these types of words you may lose your customer because of customer confusion.

7. Mix the different words.

You can create or mix two words to make a different name. Creating new words attracts more customers to your company. And also the objective is to avoid being too serious.  

architecture company names
architecture company names

Catchy & Creative architecture firm names ideas and suggestions

Let me know which architecture company names you choose for you business from above architecture firm name suggestions list. but still, if you don’t get any name let’s create your own business name.

Secrete Steps that help you to Choose good names for architectural firms

When you start a new business choosing a business name took a lot of time because it needs a lot of research and steps. but today I will share my secrete steps that will save your precious time and help you to choose the best architecture company names in less time.

You just need to follow these simple steps and will get architecture group names easily.

Step 1. Creating a brand avatar.

If you are starting a new company and in a process of creating a name then you need to keep in mind that always choose the name of the company which attracts more potential customers. The name of the company should be non-specific, easy to remember, and sounds strong to listen to and reliable too. It will show the company values, services, and quality.  

Step 2. Brainstorm name ideas.

Brainstorm is an effective way to choose a good and perfect name for your architecture company. You can also get help from your friends and family members and ask them to shortlist some names for your architecture company.

Step 3. Narrow down a few decent names. 

When you finalize your architecture company plan and make a list of all suitable names for your architecture company by following all these steps, then narrow it down to reach a final decision. Afterward, you can narrow down 5 to 6 of them for further procedures. 

Step 4. What kind of name suits your architecture project names

Before choosing a name you need to consider what business name type will suit your school name. There are 25+ business name types For an instant, Acronyms, Real words, Mashup, etc.

Step 5. Know what makes your competitor unique?

When you are choosing a name to do complete research on your competitors it will help a lot what people want in your business you will get a lot of ideas and opportunities to run your business. and also get inspiration from their names. Most successful architecture companies have great business names because they can communicate well with their potential customers by using a relevant name for your architecture company.

Step 6. Avoid some words.

It is very tempting and interesting when we use words like an architect or architecture as the business name of an architectural company. But at the same time, there are some legal considerations when choosing the name for your architecture business. Avoid such words which make complexities and hardness.

architecture business names
architecture business names

Step 7. Ensure your architecture business names availability as a domain.

The name must also be available as a domain name. Because you put your architecture company and your work and services online. There should not be a mismatch between a domain name and your architecture company name to avoid confusion among potential customers who search your architecture business online.

creative architecture firm names
creative architecture firm names

How to test your carpentry business names?

After selecting a name testing them is very important because you need to know what people think about it. you can test it through different ways

  • Get some feedback from your relative and friends
  • Research it on social media platform
  • Speak to others in the market.
  • Do a survey
  • You can also do google test too

Final thoughts:

A name is the backbone of any business. it shows your value and uniqueness and makes you different from others. That’s why your business name needs full concentration and time. So, Don’t be hurry to give it proper time. All you need is to be active and creative. I try my best to cover all the points related to this topic. But still, if you have any query feel free to ask.

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