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193+ New Class President slogans Ideas to grab attention

Catchy Class President slogans & Taglines ideas

As a student leader, running for class president is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and represent the voice of your classmates. To win the election, it’s important to have a strong campaign that showcases your personality, vision, and values. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a catchy and memorable class president slogans that captures your platform and resonates with your peers. A great slogan can help you stand out from the competition and rally support for your candidacy. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of creative and inspiring slogans that you can use to boost your campaign and win the hearts of your classmates.

It’s election time again! That means it’s time for students to start campaigning and get new Class president slogans. What will your slogan be? Need a little inspiration? Have you ever had trouble coming up with a good slogans for school president for your campaign? If you are in charge of coming up with a slogan for the class president election, this blog will help you out. You want to create something that is catchy and memorable so people vote for you. Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some catchy class president slogans.

campaign slogans for class president
campaign slogans for class president

Catchy Class President slogans & Taglines ideas

  • Vote for me and I’ll change the world!
  • Believe in yourself, believe in me.
  • You can do anything if you just try.
  • I’m not perfect but that’s okay because no one is anyway.
  • let’s have fun instead!
  • -The time is now! Let’s make history together!
  • I’m not just a candidate; I’m an idea.
  • Vote me and we’ll see how great we can be together.
  • Together we rise.
  • Together we will break down barriers and achieve greatness beyond our wildest dreams.
  • If not me, who?
  • I’m not afraid of hard work.
  • Be the change.
  • This class needs change. Together, we can make it happen!
  • Vote for me and you’ll (hopefully) never regret it.
  • I’m the only one with benefits, but I’m also free lol.
  • Give me my due respect
  • Please vote for me; I promise to act like an adult in this campaign
  • Our school deserves more than ‘meh’ as a leader. That’s why your vote should go to me!
  • I believe that every student at school is special and should be given a chance to shine.
  • Class President isn’t just a position – it’s a privilege to lead by example and show our peers that even from humble beginnings.
  • Give me your vote and I promise to do great things.
  • I’m the only one who has a platform.
  • “Your voice is my priority, vote for me for a better school.”
  • “Building bridges and forging connections for a stronger school community.”
  • “A vote for me is a vote for progress and innovation.”
  • “Let’s build a school we can all be proud of, together.”
  • Don’t settle for the status quo – fight back against bureaucracy with a vote for change!

Good slogans for class president

  • Please vote for me… I won’t raise tuition fees.
  • No new taxes! Just your vote.
  • “It’s not the size of the class president that counts!”
  •  The only position with benefits. 
  • This is not what democracy looks like
  • A great future needs a great leader who can give us freedom
  • It’s not the size of this election that matters; it’s how big our vision is together!
  • Vote for me, I vote “no taxes”
  • I bet you can’t say no to this face
  • Help us catch the wind!
  • Promise! i won’t break any promises.
  • The only thing smaller than your chances of becoming class president is my salary.
  • Our class needs a real leader. If elected, I will be that leader.”
  • If you’re not voting for me then what are ya voting for?
  • I’m the only candidate with benefits.
  • Vote for me and NOTHING will change!
  • Just because you don’t have an ID doesn’t mean you can’t vote!
  • I’d be good at class president cause I’ve done community service before so i know how to inspire people.
  • If elected, I promise to put on a super cool show that will get everyone pumped up about being in school again.
  • Vote for me! And remember, “With great power comes great responsibility!”
  • I won’t reduce funding for extracurricular activities or sports teams – unless they go away.
  • Vote for me, and this election will be a breeze.
  • If you vote for me, I promise NOT to raise taxes!
  • Vote for me and together we’ll make the world a better place.
  • The class president should be elected based on what they can do for the students, not how popular they are.
funny class president slogans ideas
funny class president slogans ideas

Clever Campaign Slogans for class president

  • Forget ‘meh’– give me your yay!
  • Vote for someone who will do something that students care about.
  • If I don’t win, then all of my promises are null and void anyway, so might as well.
  • So…who is running?  We can make this easy if we just set some rules…just come up with some good slogans, taglines and promises!
  • We’re only running because of democracy.
  • Vote for me and I’ll see that you get funding for the club you want the most!
  • Vote for me or I will post on your Facebook wall every day until election day.
  • I won’t raise taxes. Trust me on this one guys…just trust me!
  • We may not be perfect, but together we can make an awesome class president!
  • Vote for a REAL change to happen in our school!
  • Vote for me so I can be your competent, experienced leader in this time of crisis.
  • You know what they say: “The difference between two evils is that one doesn’t bother trying, and the other promises to try.”
  • It’s time for a real leader in our school. A leader who will do something about funding extracurricular activities!
  • I’m not like all the other candidates – I promise to make this election interesting!
  • A vote for (name) is a vote for progress.
  • Don’t waste your vote on someone who doesn’t deserve it; give it to me!
  • Been looking for change? Well you’ve clearly come to the right place! Vote (name)!
  • We need change – but I’m not just talk.
  • Vote for me and together we can show this school how democracy should be done!

Funny class president slogans

  • Elect me and you’ll be glad you did! Elect someone else and you’ll be sorry!
  • We’re gonna win this thing because I’m running unopposed!
  • “vote for our class president the one who won’t write anyone off
  • This election will be un-cool if you don’t elect me!”
  • If I’m not in office, what’s the point?”
  • If elected, I will turn our school around so fast everyone’s heads will spin! …Not really because that would be dangerous, but whatever.
  • My friends say they’ll kill themselves if I don’t get elected so take my word for it and vote (name).
  • The people deserve to have someone who understands the trials
  • You can’t spell ‘class’ without ‘ass’. So make sure you don’t forget to vote. Vote for me !
  • I’m so excited about being your student council president…Can I have the keys to the school now please?!
  • All I want is world peace and free ice cream- that’s all!!! Vote for me, and get both!
  • Toilet humour…It’s class president material?
  • I promise to give you candy everyday if you win! 🙂
  • Vote for me and I promise to give you the best four years of your life.
  • I’m not just another brick in the wall. Vote for me!
  • They say our future is inextricably linked with education, so we should start at school.
  • Hey, hey, ho, ho – they’ve got to go!
  • Vote for education – vote for me.
  • I’ve been told that our future is linked with education, but the only things my opponents will link with it are scandals and blunders.
  • Forget the past, we plan a bright future.
  • I’m not running on platform because I just want your vote, let’s work together to make our school better.

Good Slogans for President at School

  • The past will be forgotten, but the future won’t.”
  • Vote for me because my running mate is awesome.
  • Vote for education – vote for change!
  • It’s time to begin a new chapter in our lives…elect me president
  • Give me your vote or else you’ll regret it `, when I run again.
  • One vote for (name) is one step towards progress…vote today!
  • “Vote for me, because your voice matters.”
  • “Together, we can make a difference.”
  • “Leadership you can trust, results you can see.”
  • “A vote for me is a vote for positive change.”
  • “Building a better school, one step at a time.”
  • “Experience, commitment, and vision for our future.”
  • “Working hard for you, every step of the way.”
  • “Let’s create a brighter future for our school.”
  • “Bringing fresh ideas to the table, for a better tomorrow.”
  • “Choose the leader who listens to your needs.”
  • “Innovative solutions for our school’s challenges.”
  • “Your voice, your vote, my leadership.”
  • “Together we can achieve greatness.”
  • “Leading with integrity and passion.”
  • “Vote for me and let’s take our school to new heights.”
  • “A brighter future starts with our school, and with me.”
  • “Experience counts, vote for a leader you can trust.”
  • “My commitment to our school is unwavering.”
  • “Together we can create a school we can be proud of.”
  • “Let’s work together to make our school the best it can be.”
  • “Strong leadership for a stronger school community.”
  • “Leadership that inspires, motivates, and delivers.”
  • “Vote for a president who cares about your concerns.”
  • “Investing in our school’s future, with passion and determination.”
  • “Let’s create a school that reflects our values and aspirations.”
  • “Working together for a brighter tomorrow.”


Slogans can make or break your campaign. Take the time to write an awesome slogan for your class president and you’ll be able to stand out from all of the other candidates!

Brainstorming slogans is all about the mood that it creates. I hope this article will help you to get ideas and inspiration for your catchy slogans for class president. Let us know if there’s anything else we should add or remove from this list

What’s YOUR ideal Class President Slogan? Comment below with any ideas or feedback. We would love to hear it!

good slogans for class president
good slogans for class president

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