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123+ Good Subject Lines for Emails Ideas & Samples

Good Subject Lines for Emails

Want to write a Good Subject Lines for Emails Email is one of the most commonly used forms of communication in the modern world. And yet, crafting the perfect subject line for an email can feel like a daunting task. After all, the subject line is often the first thing that a recipient will see, and it can be the deciding factor in whether or not an email is opened. So what makes for a good subject line? In general, it should be brief, accurate, and descriptive. It should also avoid being too sales-y or promotional. Instead, focus on creating a subject line that accurately reflects the content of your email and that will pique the recipient’s curiosity. With a little practice, you’ll be crafting killer subject lines in no time.

How to Write Good Subject Lines for Emails?

You know what really grinds my gears? Bad subject lines on emails. I mean, we spend all this time crafting the perfect email, and then we half-ass the subject line. How are people supposed to know that our email is worth reading if the subject doesn’t give them a clue? Here are some tips for writing good subject lines for emails:

  • Keep it short and to the point. People are busy, and they don’t have time to wade through a long, rambling subject line. Get to the point and make it snappy.
  • Be clear about what the email is about. No one likes getting an email that’s full of vague promises or lacks any real information. Be clear about what your email contains, and people will be more likely to open it.
  • Use keywords judiciously. You want your subject line to be keyword rich, but you also don’t want to stuff it full of keywords. A few well-chosen keywords will do the trick and help your email stand out in a crowded inbox.
  • Test, test, test. Not all formulas work for all companies or all audiences. The only way to know for sure what works is to test different subject lines and see what gets the best results. So get out there and start testing!
Good subject lines for business emails

Best welcome email subject lines

  • “You’re in for a treat!”
  • “Welcome to the family!”
  • “A warm welcome to our newest member!”
  • “Glad to have you on board!”
  • “We’re so happy you’re here!”
  • “Thank you for joining us!”
  • “Welcome aboard!”
  • “It’s great to have you with us!”
  • “We’re excited to have you on board!”
  • “We’re thrilled to have you as our newest member!”
  • “Thanks for joining the team!”
  • “Thanks for being part of our community!”
  • ” We’re glad to have you as part of our team!”
  • “I’m excited to welcome you to our community!”
  • “It’s my pleasure to welcome you to our group!”
  • “I’m thrilled to have you as part of our team!”
  • “Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!”
  • “Welcome! I’m excited to have you as part of our team.”
  • “I’m honored to welcome you to our community.”
  • “It’s a pleasure to have you with us.”

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Good subject lines for business emails

  • “We’ve Launched a New Product!”
  • “Introducing Our Newest Team Member!”
  • “Thank You for Your Business!”
  • “A Note of Appreciation”
  • “Account Update”
  • “Payment Received”
  • “Action Required: Account Review”
  • “Invoice #12345 – Past Due”
  • ” protect your password”
  • “please call me as soon as possible”
  • ” The request you made has been completed”
  • “We have good news and bad news”
  • “Unfortunately, we have to cancel your order”
  • “We had to make some changes to your order”
  • “Your shipment has been delayed”
  • “Here’s what we suggest you do next”
  • “Thank you for being a loyal customer!”
  • “Can we schedule a meeting?”
  • “This might be the most important email you read all day”

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Good subject titles for emails

  • Have you seen this?
  • Important update for you
  • Regarding your recent purchase
  • Request for additional information
  • Regarding your upcoming travel plans
  • Time-sensitive request
  • Follow up to our conversation
  • Reminder about your upcoming meeting
  • This might be of interest to you
  • Thought you would find this helpful
  • Check out this new article/report/study
  • Here’s the information you requested
  • Quick question about your project
  • Feedback on your recent presentation
  • Meeting rescheduled – new date and time included
  • Sorry for the delay, here’s the info you needed
  • Thank you for your patience, we have an update for you
  • Congratulations on your recent success!
  • We have some good news to share with you
  • Welcome to our team!

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Examples of Good Email Subjects

  • “The one change you need to make to increase sales”
  • “Are you making this common mistake?”
  • “A new way to increase productivity”
  • “How to improve your Strategy”
  • “Introducing our newest product”
  • “How we increased revenues by 42% last quarter”
  • ” industrial business update”
  • “Rebranding our manufacturing firm”
  • “Marketing campaign results are in!”
  • “Customer satisfaction survey results”
  • ” We’re changing our name!”
  • “Here’s what’s new in HR”
  • ” Save the date: company-wide retreat!”
  • ” town hall meeting tomorrow at 10 AM “
  • ” New website launch!”
  • “Intranet migration complete”
  • ” roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time for Performance Reviews!”
  • ” It’s National Employee Appreciation Day!”
  • ” We raised $1M for charity!

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Good Subject Lines for Professional Emails

  • Have you seen this?
  • You won’t believe what happened…
  • This made me think of you
  • I have some good news (and bad news)
  • A quick favor to ask…
  • Thank you!
  • You’re invited!
  • Congratulations!
  • Sorry about the mix-up…
  • Need your help!
  • Can I pick your brain?
  • Are you free tomorrow?
  • Thank you for your business!
  • Follow-up to our meeting…
  • Request for information/proposal/quote etc.
  • Here’s what I’m thinking…
  • Just checking in…
  • Quick question…
  • Wanted to share this with you…
  • [Name], can we talk?

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Good Subject Lines for Cold Emails

  • Have you heard about [new industry development]?
  • I’m reaching out about [topic of interest]
  • Could you advise on [area of expertise]?
  • Are you the right person to speak to about [specific issue]?
  • Have you had any experience with [problem]?
  • I saw you speak at [event] and wanted to connect
  • We’re thinking of doing something similar to [company/ project they’ve worked on] – would love to hear your thoughts!
  • As a fan of [mutual interest], I wanted to share this with you…
  • If you’re ever in need of [your product/ service], we’d be honored to serve you
  • Our team just launched a new [resource/ initiative], and I thought you might be interested
  • Do you have any upcoming projects that could use [type of help offered]?
  • Are there any burning questions or pain points you have in regards to [industry trend/ topic of conversation]?
  • Might you have any time for a quick call next week about [project scope/ deliverable]?
  • In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link to our new [blog post/ whitepaper/ case study]…
  • Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to check in and see if now is a good time for a 10 minute chat about [next steps in project timeline]?
  • Hi there! This is likely intense inbox overload, but just wanted to make sure my previous email didn’t get lost…
  • [ referral name] suggested I reach out as we’re both working in [similar industry/ space].
  • [ Celebrity name], who is also one of our happy clients, mentioned that you might be looking for help with[ specific challenge].
  • [ Short story or joke related to their interests], make sure not too cheesy 🙂
  • [ Mutual friend name ] told me I should reach out as we have similar interests in[ common interest].

Benefits of Good Subject Lines for Emails

The benefits of good subject lines for emails are numerous. First, they help to get your message noticed. In a world where people receive hundreds of emails every day, a well-crafted subject line can be the difference between your email being read and ignored. Second, good subject lines can help to build trust with your recipients. If you consistently provide useful, relevant information in your emails, your recipients will begin to see you as a reliable source of information. Finally, good subject lines can also help to improve your open and click-through rates. If people know that they can expect valuable content in your emails, they are more likely to open and click through to the links inside. In short, the benefits of good subject lines for emails are numerous and can help you to achieve success with your email marketing campaigns.


We hope you found this blog helpful! The next time you’re struggling to come up with a subject line for your email, remember these tried and true tips. Drawing on psychological principles can help your emails stand out in the inbox and increase your chances of getting that all-important click. So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming some great subject lines today!

Good subject titles for emails

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