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121 Catchy hotel slogans and taglines ideas that grab attention

Hotel Slogans

Are you the one who decided to open a hotel and search for best hotel slogans? if you are new in this field and confused where to start then let me tell you the most important step is choosing the best name and slogan for your hotel or resort. A good name represents your company and a good slogan attracts your target audience. All over the world Hotel Slogans and taglines are used to grab the attention of potential customers and distinguish from others hotels.

What is a slogan?

A slogan is a simple, creative, catchy, and memorable phrase that is used in branding marketing and advertising of any business. it is a short statement consisting 6-7 words that represent your business and build an image in front of other Businesses used slogans to tell their uniqueness of their brand in a memorable and catchy way. Like some of famous and well know slogans

  • McDonald’s: I’m Love’in it
  • Apple: Think different
  • NARS Cosmetics: Laced with Edge

What are the types of Slogans?

There are two main type of slogans

  • Business Slogans (used for brand identity?)
  • Advertising slogans( used for brand advertising and marketing)

Tips that Create a Attractive Slogan For your Hotel

  • it should be simple and unique
  • it should be easy to read and remember.
  • People know about your identity and the services that you provided when they listen or see your slogan
  • Make sure your slogan complements your name and logo
  • The slogan should be sleek and attractive.
  • Make sure it can’t sound like anyone else’s.
Hotel Taglines
Hotel Taglines

Creative and catchy Hotel Slogans and Taglines ideas and suggestions

  • Feel the comfort
  • We Serve best
  • More then luxury
  • We invite you for a better life
  • Life is better at here
  • A place to celebrate life
  • As your own home
  • Call us for rest
  • We fill your dreams
  • All about comfort
  • Just like another home
  • Try us for the best
  • We don’t disappoint you
  • Memories your trip
  • We try to make your soul happy
  • Hospitality is our passion
  • when comfort and care together
  • The high standard place for high standard people
  • This is not a normal hotel
  • our Guest is just like our family
  • Our hotel is a symbol of Love
  • Ideal for everyone
  • we know what you want
  • Enjoy your life with us
  • Come here sit and relax
  • Best holidays ever
  • We leave memorable moments for you
  • An atmosphere like home
  • A planet of hospitality
  • Everything is available here
  • We Welcome you
  • Because you deserve the best
  • Good services are our preference
  • Feel the luxury
  • we bring happiness
  • Enjoy every moment

Best Hotel Slogans & Taglines

  • We have all that you want
  • Let celebrate your holidays
  • The best stay in life
  • We give full attention
  • A friendly environment
  • Dont be shy feel freedom
  • You have beautiful days
  • Let’s celebrate together
  • you wish we did
  • Best services, the Best place
  • We love having you here
  • Good memories start here
  • Check into another world
  • Desing as royal
  • Emotional royalty
  • A hotel that changes your view
  • A new dimension of comfort
  • Make yourself at home
  • Treat like a family

Attractive Hotel Slogans and Taglines

  • it’s not a hotel, it’s your home
  • Luxury meets here
  • Privacy is priority
  • not like others
  • Relax its holidays
  • You deserve more
  • Take me to heaven
  • We put a smile to your face
  • We take care of you
  • Your Dream destination
  • Stay in your comfort
  • Welcome to fairyland
  • Nothing like us
  • live here to discover best
  • We did our best
catchy hotel slogans and taglines
catchy hotel slogans and taglines

How to Generate your own Hotel slogan?

if you don’t find best hotel slogans from the above list then let’s make it on your own. These are some important factors that you have to keep in mind while creating your Hotel taglines. Creating the best hotel slogans is a big task itself and also time taking but if you keep these points in mind a create your slogan it’s not a g deal for you

1: Start with your company

Before you create your resort taglines First you need to create a good catchy and unique name and logo so that your slogan will be similar to these things.

For More:

2: Don’t make it complected:

When you are creating your catchy hotel slogans and taglines make sure you are using simple 6-7 words. your business dont need a long sentence to deliver your message.A good slogan is always a short phrase.

3: Take enough time:

Choosing the best hotel slogans is a tough task that needs a lot of time and patience. So don’t be hurry take a break from all other work and pay full intension to your hotel slogans after all it’s about your business.

4: Do Deep & Detailed Research

You need hours and hours to conduct a internet research and collect detail information and gather some rough ideas of slogans. then filter these ideas and get hotel slogans that are related to your business and services.

5: Use your humor

If you really want to make your hotel taglines memorable just add your humor to it. if your humor is good otherwise it may be make your slogan complected.

6: Make sure its alone.

when you get the perfect slogan for your hotel don’t forget to check that someone else is not using your hotel slogans or a similar one.

7:Use common language

Try to write a slogan in a language that is easily understood and used widely.

8: Rhythm, Rhyme, and Ring

When your hotel slogan is in a rhythm it will easy for your customer to remember it. its human nature things that have a good rhythm please human years and memorable.So try to make your hotel slogans in a rhythm.

Whats make a bad slogans?

  • A lengthy Slogan may bore your audience
  • Use a rhythm that’s not fit to represent your hotel nicely will ruin your hotel marketing.
  • if your slogan resembling someone else slogan then it might have a bad effect on your buisness
  • If you create your slogan in a hurry it will be the cause of your buisness failure
  • A slogan that does not complements your hotel name and logo also a reason.
best hotel slogans
best hotel slogans

How to test your hotel slogans?

When you are satisfied with your hotel slogans then you have to test it and get feedback from friends and family. or take a survey from random people ask them to share their opinion regarding your hotel slogans.what they feel about your hotel taglines? how its sound etc.

Where your Hotel Slogans are used?

Your slogan is a representative of your hotel. it will be on all the places where your hotel name is used. For instance you will use it on

  • Firstly,Hotel business card
  • Secondly promotion pamphlets
  • Advertising boards
  • On your Hotel website
  • On social media platforms
  • Lastly product packaging

In Conclusion

Hotel Taglines & Slogans are the main part of your slogans that represents your hotel reputation and creates an image in front of others so always be keep all these points in your mind while choosing or creative your hotel slogans.We hope we helps you to get a best hotel slogans. But still if you have any confusion feel free to ask your question in comment section. We are always here to help you

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