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101+ Promotional Email Subject Lines Sample & Ideas

Are you looking for promotional email subject lines to help promote your next sale or event? Check out these sample subject lines and ideas to get inspired. With a little creativity, you can come up with a subject line that will grab your subscribers’ attention and encourage them to open your email. By using one of these samples or by creating your own unique subject line, you can increase the chances that your email will be read and acted on.

How To Write Promotional Email Subject Lines?

When it comes to email marketing, the subject line is your very first opportunity to make a good impression with your subscribers. In fact, according to some studies, nearly 47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on nothing but the subject line. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you take the time to craftsubject lines that are both promotional and engaging. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Keep it short and sweet – A subject line that’s too long is likely to be truncated in the inbox, so keep it brief and to the point.
  2. Use numbers and symbols – According to some studies, including numbers and symbols in your subject line can increase open rates by up to 33%.
  3. Be personal – Addressing your subscriber by name is a great way to create a sense of urgency and get them to take action.
  4. Be clear about what’s inside – Whether you’re offering a discount, free shipping, or something else entirely, make sure your subscribers know what they can expect by including it in the subject line.
  5. Test, test, test – The only way to know for sure which Subject Lines work best for your business is to test out different versions and see how they perform. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

Promo Email Subject Lines

  • Time’s running out! Get your [X] today.
  • Hurry! Only [X] left in stock.
  • New arrivals! Check out our latest [X].
  • Don’t miss out! Get your [X] today.
  • Introducing our newest [X].
  • It’s back! Our popular [X] is now in stock.
  • You asked, we listened! Our new [X] is now available.
  • We’re giving away [X]! Enter now to win.
  • Anniversary sale! Enjoy [X] off your purchase of [Y].
  • .[X] off your next purchase of [Y]. Use code: [abc123].
  • .[Y] days of deals! Day 1: Get [X] off your purchase of [Z].
  • .Flash sale! Get [X}% off your purchase of [Y]. Ends tonight at midnight
  • [y} weeks of savings! Week 1: Save on[x]
  • [Z} days until Christmas! Get a head start on your shopping with our great deals
  • ‘Tis the season for giving! Give the gift of[x} this holiday season
  • ‘Tis the season for savings! Save on[x} this holiday season
  • .’Tis the season for[x}! Get yours today
  • .[W} shoppers only! save an extra[x}% on all[y} purchases today
  • .’Cause we’re feeling generous.. Get[x}% off all[y} purchases today
  • It’s been a tough year.. Take[x}% off all[y} purchases to help ease the stress

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Email Subject Lines For Promotion

  • . Check out our new arrivals!
  • Shop now and save big!
  • Get a head start on your holiday shopping!
    4.It’s time to update your wardrobe for the fall season!
  • Back-to-school shopping starts now!
  • Take advantage of our clearance sale!
  • Buy one, get one free!
  • Stock up before summer ends!
  • Get ready for warmer weather with our latest styles!
  • New season, new wardrobe!
  • Big savings on all your favorite brands!
  • Check out our unbeatable deals!
  • Shop now and pay later with our easy financing options!
  • Hurry in for doorbuster deals!
  • You won’t believe our amazing prices!
  • .Today only: special discounts just for you!
  • .Shop now while supplies last! 18. Friends and family discounts – don’t miss out!
  • .’s choice: award-winning products at unbeatable prices
  • .”Summertime and the livin’ is easy” – but it won’t be for long…shop now for the best selection!

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Promo Code Email Subject Line

  • “Time’s running out – use this promo code now!”
  • “Last chance to save with this promo code!”
  • “Hurry – this promo code expires soon!”
  • “Sale ends soon – don’t miss out!”
  • “New arrivals – save with this promo code!”
  • “Can’t miss deals – use this promo code now!”
  • “Free shipping on your order – hurry and use this promo code!”
  • “Save XX% off your purchase – enter this promo code now!”
  • “$XX off your order – don’t wait, use this promo code today!”
  • “Exclusive offer for [insert email list] – use this promo code and save!”
  • “[First name], don’t miss out on these great deals!”
  • “24 hours only! Use this promo code and save big!”
  • “[Number] days of savings! Use this promo code today and save!”
  • “‘Tis the season to save! Use this promo code now and enjoy the holidays stress-free.”
  • “‘Tis the season to be jolly! Save with this exclusive holiday promo code.”
  • .”Save big on your holiday shopping – use this promo code today!”
  • “Spreading holiday cheer – use this promo code for extra savings on your purchase!”
  • .”Deck the halls with savings! Use this promo code today and enjoy free shipping on your order.”
  • .”Jingle all the way to savings! Use this promo code today and enjoy free shipping on your order.”
  • .”Merry Christmas! Use this holiday promo code and enjoy free shipping on your order.”

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Best Subject Lines For Promotional Emails

  • Have a Sale Coming Up? Get Your Customers Excited With These 20 Subject Lines
  • Spring is Here! Check Out Our New arrivals
  • You Won’t Believe What We’ve Got on sale this week!
  • New products just arrived!
  • Get ahead of the competition with our new collection
  • Finally, something for everyone!
  • missed out last time? never fear, we’re back in stock!
  • This is what you’ve been waiting for!
  • we know you’re going to love our new range…
  • and they’re off! shop our new season now
  • just landed: your new wardrobe staples
  • don’t miss out, our biggest sale starts today!
  • feeling lucky? today’s your day with our exclusive offers
  • it’s party time! shop our newest collection now
  • get summer-ready with our latest arrivals
  • the wait is over…our new range is here!
  • Introducing…the much-anticipated new arrival
  • are you ready for this? we are thrilled to announce…
  • .[brand] is turning [number]! Celebrate with us and enjoy these amazing discounts
  • .[time-sensitive]Flash sale starting now – don’t miss out!

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Benefits Of Promotional Email Subject Lines

Promotional email subject lines are one of the most important aspects of a successful email marketing campaign. After all, it is the subject line that will determine whether or not your recipients will actually open and read your email. A good subject line should be reflective of the content of the email, while also being engaging and interesting enough to encourage recipients to take a look.

Additionally, promotional subject lines can also help to increase the click-through rate of your email, as they can give recipients a better idea of what to expect when they click through to your website or landing page. Ultimately, by crafting effective and engaging promotional subject lines, you can ensure that your email marketing campaigns are as successful as possible.


I hope you found this blog helpful. Subject lines are a key part of your email strategy, and it’s important to test different ones to see what works best for your audience. Keep in mind the principles we talked about – relevance, emotion, and curiosity – when creating your own subject lines. And be sure to track their performance so that you can continue to improve your results. Thanks for reading!

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