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103+ Unique Referral Email Subject Line Samples

Referral Email Subject Line

Want to write a Referral Email Subject Line Looking for some inspiration when drafting your next referral email? Check out these subject line examples that are sure to grab your recipient’s attention. Whether you’re looking to thank a past client for referring a new one or simply wish someone a happy referral season, these samples will help get you started. Enjoy!

How To Write a Referral Email Subject Line?

Despite what many people think, writing a referral email subject line is not rocket science. In fact, it’s actually quite simple once you know the basics. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Your subject line should be no more than 50 characters long, and it should convey your message clearly and concisely.
  2. Personalize it. Use the recipient’s name in the subject line to make them feel special.
  3. Make it actionable. Use strong verbs such as “discover,” “explore,” or “experience” to encourage recipients to take action.
  4. Be creative. Be creative and test out different subject lines to see what works best for your audience.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to writing referral email subject lines that are both effective and engaging!

Referral Email Subject Line Examples

Refer a Friend Email Subject Lines

  • Your friend says you should try this new thing called [Referral Program]
  • A [Referral Program] just for you!
  • Guess what I heard about today? A [Referral Program]!
  • I’m so excited to tell you about this [Referral Program]!
  • You’re going to want to hear about this [Referral Program]
  • Have I told you about the [Referral Program] yet?
  • Oh my gosh, you have to try this [Referral Program]!
  • This [Referral Program] is amazing, and I think you’ll love it too!
  • Trust me, you need to try this [Referral Program]
  • I promise, you’ll thank me for telling you about this [Referral Program]
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the [Referral Program]!
  • The benefits of the [Referral Program], just for YOU!
  • Get excited, because the [Referral Program] is coming your way!
  • Are you ready for the [Referral Program]?
  • Hold onto your seats, because the [Referral Program] is coming!
  • [ Referral Program]: Coming soon to an inbox near you!
  • Stay tuned for more details on the exciting [Referral Program]
  • [ Referral Program], brought to you by your favorite friends at Company Name!
  • [ Referral Program], brought to you by me (your favorite person)!
  • [ Referral Program]: Exclusive access, just for you and your friends!

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Referral Email Subject Line Examples

  • A friend recommended you!”
  • “A trusted source said you’re the best!”
  • “I was referred by a friend!”
  • “I need your help!”
  • “It’s time to grow your business!”
  • ” want to help you succeed!”
  • “I’ll give you $10 if you sign up!”
  • “I’m giving away free stuff!”
  • “Just for you!”
  • “New customer special!”
  • “One-time offer!”
  • “Only for referrals!”
  • “Principal’s list!”
  • “Referral program details inside!”
  • “Referred by a friend?”
  • “”Second chances” Sale!”
  • “$1000 cash prize for referrals!”
  • “$2000 shopping spree for 10 lucky people!”
  • “$500 gas card giveaway for referrals!”
  • “Redeemable for 1 free month of service!”

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Subject Line For Referral Request Email

  • Someone you trust wants you to meet us!”
  • “A friend thought you’d love our service!”
  • “You’ve been referred by [name]!”
  • “We’re excited to meet you!”
  • “Welcome!”
  • “Thank you for being referred!”
  • “We’re glad you’re here!”
  • “Welcome, [name]!”
  • “Thank you for joining us, [name]!”
  • “It’s great to have you aboard, [name]!”
  • “[Name] recommended we get in touch!”
  • “[Name] thought you might be interested in our services.”
  • “We’re excited to offer our services to you.”
  • “Thank you for considering our services.”
  • “We would be honored to provide our services to you.”
  • “Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.”
  • “[Name] has entrusted us with providing excellent service.”
  • “We hope to live up to the trust [name] has put in us.”
  • “[Name], we’re excited to work with you!”
  • “[Name], thank you for choosing us!”

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Referral Program Email Subject Line

  • “A special offer for our best customers!”
  • “Get $10 for every friend you refer!”
  • “Help us spread the word and earn rewards!”
  • “Invite your friends and earn rewards!”
  • “It pays to have friends!”
  • “Refer a friend and get $10 off your next purchase!”
  • “Referral program – earn rewards for referring your friends!”
  • “Spread the word and earn rewards!”
  • “Tell your friends about us and earn rewards!”
  • “$10 off for you and a friend when they make a purchase!”
  • “$5 off for you and a friend when they sign up for our newsletter!”
  • “earn 50% more points when you refer a friend!”
  • “double your points by referring a friend!”
  • “refer a friend, double the fun!”
  • “refer 2 friends, get $10 off your next order!”
  • “get $5 for every friend you refer!”
  • “$10 credit when you refer a friend!”;
  • “$5 off for you AND a friend when they sign up using your code!”;
  • “Get rewarded for referring your friends!”;
  • “‘I loved it so much, I Refer You!'” – Story brand line (iReferYou)

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Referral Email Subject Line Sample

  • he BEST Way to Get More Referrals”
  • “How to Get Referrals Without Asking”
  • “The Secret to Getting More Referrals”
  • “The Fastest Way to Get More Referrals”
  • “The Easiest Way to Get More Referrals”
  • “How to Get More Referrals in Less Time”
  • “Get More Referrals in 3 Simple Steps”
  • “Triple Your Referrals in 30 Days!”
  • “10X Your Referrals in 1 Year!”
  • “How We Got 100 Referrals in 30 Days”
  • “The Best Times to Ask for Referrals”
  • “What to Say When Asking for Referrals”
  • “How Often Should You Ask for Referrals?”
  • “The Best Places to Ask for Referrals”
  • “When NOT to Ask for Referrals”
  • “Referral Mistakes To Avoid”
  • “20Referral Email Subject Lines That Work like Magic”
  • . “[Free Cheat Sheet] The 7 Secrets of Getting More referrals”
  • “[Exclusive Offer] Get 10X More Referral in the Next 30 Days!”
  • . “[Limited Time Only] Double Your Referral Rate Toda

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Benefits Of a Referral Email Subject Line

A referral email subject line is a great way to get your message across to potential customers. By using a referrals email subject line, you can increase the chances that your message will be opened and read. Additionally, a referral email subject line can help you stand out from the rest of the emails in a person’s inbox. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are using referral email subject lines. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your email marketing campaign, consider using a referral email subject line. You may be surprised at the results.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog post, but I hope you found it helpful. Now that you know how to create an effective referral email campaign, it’s time to get started! The best way to start is by testing out different subject lines and seeing what works best for your business. Once you have a few winners, make sure to track the results so you can continue improving your campaigns over time. Are you ready to see how well your referrals can perform? Get started with Sendlane today and let us help you take your business to the next level. Thanks for reading!

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