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217+ Creative slogans on pollution to spread more Awareness

Motivated slogans on pollution ideas

Pollution is everywhere around us and it has penetrated deep into the lives of human beings. There are many ways in which pollution can be reduced or eliminated from this planet but the majority of people don’t even realize that they themselves are a part of this problem. Here in this article, we have come up with an amazing collection of slogans that could be used to spread awareness regarding the hazards of pollution.

These slogans would act as your guide and help you spread awareness amongst people who need it the most. Try to use these slogans during discussions or public gatherings where you can target the maximum audience which needs this awareness.

We all need to do our responsibilities in taking care of our environment if not it could be very dangerous for us. If we fail to act by protecting the world would be beyond us where no human could survive at all. We should take action now before it’s too late because nothing can stop what has already started to happen which could destroy anything at all until it’s gone forever.Let’s have a look on list of Slogans on Pollution.

Creative slogans on environmental pollution
Creative slogans on environmental pollution

Motivated slogans on pollution ideas

Pollution is a dangerous thing to deal with, no matter the size. The main idea of this article is to give you Amazing & catchy slogans on pollution. You can use these slogans for inspiration or even write your own slogan. Don’t worry about copyright because I didn’t write any of them nor did I take a risk by putting a slogan here that belongs to someone else!

  • Take care of your earth    
  •  It’s the only planet with chocolate
  • Earth provides us with natural resources, we should protect it too.
  • We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
  • I love my planet Earth.
  • Don’t litter, pollution is bad for your health.
  •   I used to think that global warming was something created by Al Gore, but now I think that the whole world is warming up because of all the hot air coming out of politicians!
  • Pollution can kill you slowly or quickly, depending on what you pollute yourself with.
  • There are many ways to make money but only few ways to make Mother Nature richer (good slogan for tree planting campaign).
  • Be part of the solution, not the pollution.
  •  We’re poisoning ourselves day after day (great slogan for advertising)
  • Pollution slogans to use in social media like Instagram or Facebook.
  • To save water is to save life .
  • Mother Nature may only give you one Earth but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to destroy it.
  • We all share this planet; don’t pollute it.
  • The earth has enough oxygen for everyone , but no one should take more than their fair share!
  • Let’s admit there are things we cannot do without causing damage to this beautiful planet; pollution is one of them .
  • It costs nothing to join us (good slogan for tree planting campaign).

Creative slogans on environmental pollution

We need to protect our environment in order to maintain it clean and beautiful. An environment can lead to sickness that’s why we need to work hard just so we could keep the world in shape. There are many slogans on environmental pollution but you will only see these Catchy phrases here below if you want to read them because I am about sharing these slogans with you.

  • It’s time for people to wake up and say no to pollution .
  •   Our planet cannot survive without taking action against climate change.
  •   The human race will cease to exist if we don’t do something about climate change.
  • Pollution slogans for use by celebrities or politicians when talking about this topic.
  • I started walking, then I ran, now I’m committed!              
  • Pollution slogans to use in a television commercial.
  • The higher the rise of water, the further you run away from life .
  • It’s time for responsible behavior on Earth.
  • We can’t be part of nature if we’re not part of the solution .
  • When it comes to pollution, never mind using words – just show me the money!
  • I promise that I will save this planet because it has so much more than I could ever imagine…
  • If you want something bad enough, all you have to do is find a way (slogan used by Michael Phelps)
  • What happened to the world?              
  • Be careful with our air; one breath can change everything!   Taking care of your environment is like taking care of yourself.
  • After alcohol, alcohol , air is the most popular thing in our country (slogan used in Chad to reduce pollution)   
  • The way you treat your environment, it will treat you back. [art].
  • Protect our earth! [art].
  • Your choices determine the Earth’s fate [art].
  • What we do in a day is important for a lifetime [art].
Unique stop pollution slogan & Tagline ideas
Unique stop pollution slogan & Tagline ideas

Unique stop pollution slogan & Tagline ideas

Slogans can refer to a movement or specific campaign, and they’re used as a call to action – either publicly by an organization, company, or individual – or privately by individuals who wish to change their own behaviors in order for it to have a larger social impact. They’re always good for great cause marketing ideas! Slogans are a fun, catchy way to spread the word about causes. In this article, you’ll find effective Stop Pollution Slogans which will hopefully help you run a successful campaign.

  • Start caring for what matters and stop wasting your time on things that don’t matter at all [slogan].
  • It only takes a moment to take care of nature but its going to be hard to recover what has been lost forever [slogan].
  • Alone we can do so little together we can do so much [slogan].
  • A small drop in the ocean changes everything [slogan].
  • We don’t inherit this planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children [slogan].
  • Leave this world a better place then you found it [slogan].
  • Clean your environment to live healthy and happy life [art].
  • Don’t be selfish, save our planet! [art].
  • Love the earth as much as you love yourself!
  • Save water, drink beer!
  • The Earth is dying because of people like you! Change now before its too late…save it!! Stop destroying everything around us…help now!
  • Your trash is not ours!
  • We need everyone to take part in saving our environment
  • The earth is dying, don’t wait for someone else to save it, because no one’s going do it unless you start doing it now…today!
  • A real change begins with you  
  • Clean water for life
  • Don’t just sit their and complain, do something about it instead
  • It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect and preserve our environment and resources
  • Don’t litter, recycle

Catchy slogan on water pollution

Water pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues facing our world today. Water pollution can come from many different sources, but all forms are harmful to the environment. To stop this we need to be aware of people and for that, motivational slogans can do this job easily.

  • It’s a big problem! Limit your use of water.
  • Stop Water Pollution Before it Starts!
  • Save our planet – no more polluting!
  • Care about the Earth, We all Live here !
  • Think About What You’re Throwing Down the Drain
  • Recycle – Mother Nature will love you for it!   
  • Take Responsibility – Don’t Pollute Our Air and Water Resources
  • Clean Earth – Clean Conscience
  • WATER IS LIFE don’t mess with mama nature
  • Love this planet we live on kids and adults alike
  • Protect water and earth and all living things
  • Love Water, Save Earth
  • How to Stop Water Pollution Once and for All!
  • Save water – go green today!
  • Only you can stop polluting Mother Earth
  • Help the earth save our planet earth
  • Our planet needs support, please help it !
  • Water is life ! We need to protect this precious resource!   
  • No water = zero life = no human
  • The oceans are dying – You can help save them!
  • Do unto others as you will have done unto you
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Who causes most pollution? You do
  • Everyone is responsible for reducing pollution
  • You can’t see air but you can feel it. Keep it clean and pure
  • Save energy, save environment
  • Plastics are choking our oceans. Stop using them!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Who causes most pollution? You do! Avoid single use plastic bottles & bags. Recycle, reduce and reuse
  • Stop food wastage, stop pollution now!
  • My future is in your hands. Save Earth NOW!
  • My future is in your hands. Save Earth NOW!

Best slogan on air pollution

No matter, how much we try to understand the mechanism of global warming on planet earth, but it can’t be stopped. The only thing that we can do is to find out the solutions that can help us or other living beings on earth. and for that, we can motivate people with some catchy phrases.

  • Air Pollution Does Matter
  • Breathe Less, Die Sooner
  • Time to clear the air
  • Are you breathing me?
  • For your sake, for our sake, breath clean!
  • What are you doing to save the air?
  • Breathe-free, breathe less pollution.
  • It’s time to clear the air. Be one!
  • Nature can’t wait for us, We need to act now… Clean the Air
  • Let our future generation breathe easy.
  • Love your planet – it’s the only place you have to live in.
  • Breathe the fresh air.
  • Life is short, but pollution is forever.
  • Hundred years from now! Will people say I wish I could have done something?
  • Clean Air Is your right & Clean water is your right.
  • Make our world clean for us and our children too.
  • Eyes are crying, lungs are burning
  • We need clean air, water & earth. Stop pollution so we could live healthy
  • We all breathe the same air. Stop giving out dirty air
  • If you don’t want your grandchildren to die from cancer, stop using plastic now
  • We need clean air, water & earth. Stop pollution so we could live healthy
  • If you don’t want your grandchildren to die from cancer, stop using plastic now
  • We need clean air, water & earth. Stop pollution so we could live healthy
  • When we give back to nature it gives us a lot in return… do your bit today!
  • Clean water for life. Extend your hand towards its protection
  • Protect our nature from harm.
  • Clean air for future

Creative slogan on noise pollution

Noise pollution is a major problem all around the world. Every year many people die because of noise pollution. No one likes to live their life under the noises. People feel easily irritated and annoyed when they get exposed to constant irritating noise.

Noise pollution is dangerous for both animals and humans. People have been protesting against it for a long time because of its harmful effects on health. and for that, they use different Slogans some of them are listed below

  • it’s up to us all to make the change now or else there will be no tomorrow what so ever!!
  • It takes 1 second to make a difference…
  • One small change every day can make a big difference in the future..
  • We all need to do something to save our world, we might not know what but we should do something now to stop it from dying!
  • Love this planet as much as you love life!
  • Green is clean and safe. It’s the only way to be.’
  • Everyone is responsible for reducing pollution. Be part of solution, not problem
  • Don’t hurt nature! Stop all pollutions!
  • Environment first; Economy last
  • The earth is like an ocean and we are like fish in it.
  • It doesn’t matter whether we make a change or not but it matters that we should let’s all try together as one till the very end…till we succeed!!
  • Save our environment, save our lives!
  • Let’s work together for a better Earth…Make it happen!
  • Love is the only thing that matters in this universe so start love with your earth y.
  • Do your part to keep the world green & clean..
  • Pollution can affect everyone negatively, so let’s work together in avoiding it!


we have some creative slogans on pollution which will definitely help you to spread more awareness among people and convince them to take active steps against this growing menace.

We hope these numerous slogans on pollution will make more people aware of this problem and help them to come up with solutions to prevent it. If you like any of the phrases then don’t forget to share them with us. We would love to see your response. But still, if you don’t get the perfect slogan on pollution control for your campaign then feel free to contact us.

Catchy slogan on water pollution
Catchy slogan on water pollution

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