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107+ Best Thursday Email Subject Lines Examples

Thursday Email Subject Lines Ideas

Want to write Thursday Email Subject Lines If you are stuck on what to write in your email subject line on Thursday, consider using one of these tips. First, consider using a question as your email subject line. This will encourage people to open your email to see what the answer is. Secondly, you could use a quote from a popular book or movie. This will also pique people’s curiosity and make them want to know more. Finally, you could simply state something interesting or exciting that is happening in your life right now. No matter what you choose, make sure that your email subject line is engaging and interesting so that people will want to open your email.

How to Write Thursday Email Subject Lines?

Email subject lines are important because they are often the first thing your subscribers see when they open their inboxes. A good subject line can make the difference between getting your email read or having it sent straight to the trash. So how do you write email subject lines that will engage your reader and encourage them to open your email?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep it short and sweet – Your subject line should be no more than 50 characters, and it should concisely sum up what your email is about.
  2. Be creative – With so many emails flooding inboxes these days, you need to make yours stand out from the rest. Be creative with your subject line and try to use puns or jokes to grab attention.
  3. Use action words – Action words like “discover,” “learn,” or “unlock” can help entice readers to open your email.
  4. Use personalization – Addressing your reader by name in the subject line is a great way to personalize your email and increase its chances of being opened.
  5. Test, test, test – Try out different subject lines on small groups of subscribers to see what performs best before sending your email to everyone on your list.

By following these tips, you can write Thursday email subject lines that will engage your reader and encourage them to open your email!

Thursday Email Subject Lines Samples

Thursday Email Subject Lines Samples

  • Don’t miss today’s exclusive deals!
  • Thousands of products on sale now!
  • New arrivals – updated daily!
  • Shop now and save up to 50% off!
  • Get your holiday shopping done early and save!
  • 24 hours only – take advantage of our flash sale!
  • Limited time offer – don’t miss out!
  • while supplies last…
  • Sale ends tonight at midnight EST!
  • One day only – shop now and save!
  • 40% off everything today only!
  • New coupons released – save big on your purchase!
  • Hurry, sale ends soon!
  • Check out our clearance section for huge savings!
  • Save an additional 10% off your purchase with code…
  • Free shipping on all orders today only!
  • Today’s featured deal of the day…
  • 48-hour sale – save now while you can!
  • 20% off your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter
  • Shop now and get $10 off your next order!
  • “Thursdays are for thinking outside the box”
  • “Thursday motivation: Keep pushing forward”
  • “Get a jump start on the weekend with these Thursday tips”
  • “Thursday thought: Make today count”
  • “Happy Thursday! Here’s what’s on the agenda for today”
  • “Thursday fun fact: Did you know…?”
  • “Thursday inspiration: Keep going, even when it gets tough”
  • “Thursday productivity hacks to help you get more done”
  • “Thursday reminder: Don’t forget to take a break”
  • “Thursday quiz: How well do you know your coworkers?”
  • “Thursday trivia: Test your knowledge”
  • “Thursday challenge: Can you complete this task by the end of the day?”
  • “Thursday success story: Meet one of our team members”
  • “Thursday sneak peek: What’s coming up on the calendar?”
  • “Thursday quote of the day”
  • “Thursday tip: How to stay focused during a long work day”
  • “Thursday brain teaser: Can you solve this puzzle?”
  • “Thursday polls: Share your thoughts and opinions”
  • “Thursday spotlight: Meet one of our amazing clients”

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Thursday Email Subject Lines Ideas

  • “Thursday goal setting: What do you want to accomplish today?”
  • “Thursday morning pep talk: You’ve got this!”
  • “Thursday laugh: Check out this funny meme”
  • “Thursday’s weather forecast: Plan your day accordingly”
  • “Thursday trivia: How much do you know about our industry?”
  • “Thursday self care: Don’t forget to take care of yourself”
  • “Thursday’s top headlines: Stay informed”
  • “Thursday’s must-read article: You won’t want to miss this”
  • “Thursday’s to-do list: Make sure you’re on track”
  • “Thursday’s schedule: What’s on the agenda for today?”
  • “Thursday’s success story: Inspiring stories from our team”
  • Meeting rescheduled: Now what?
  • You’re invited: Office hours with the team
  • Let’s brainstorm: New ways to engage customers
  • Touch base: Following up on our conversation
  • Coffee? : Get to know your co-workers better
  • Book club: Reading for pleasure and professional development
  • Lunch and learn: How to manage your time more effectively
  • Wellness Wednesday: Tips for staying healthy and productive at work
  • TGIF: Celebrating our successes and lessons learned this week
  • Positivity check-in: How are you feeling today?
  • Team building: Fun activities to do together online
  • Show and tell: What have you been working on?
  • Appreciations: Commending others for their efforts and achievements
  • Resource sharing: Helpful articles, books, websites, etc.
  • Problem solving: Brainstorming ideas and solutions together
  • Feedback Friday: Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Check-in with yourself: A reminder to take some time for self-care today
  • The power of gratitude: Expressing what we’re thankful for this week
  • Celebrate birthdays!: A special shout-out to those celebrating this month
  • Looking ahead: What’s on the horizon for next week?

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Best Thursday Email Subject Lines

  • “Happy Thursday! Here’s your weekly update”
  • “Don’t miss out on this week’s deals”
  • “Thursday’s Special: [Insert Offer or Discount]”
  • “Last chance to [Insert Action] before the weekend”
  • “Get a jump on your plans for the weekend with our [Insert Content]”
  • “Feeling productive today? Here’s what you need to know”
  • “Today’s the day: [Insert Event or Deadline]”
  • “A little something to brighten your Thursday”
  • “Don’t let the week end without [Insert Action]”
  • “Thursday’s must-read: [Insert Content]”
  • “It’s almost the weekend! Here’s how to make the most of it”
  • “Thinking ahead to the weekend? Here’s what you need to know”
  • “Get a head start on your weekend with [Insert Content]”
  • “Ready for the weekend? Here’s what you need to do first”
  • “This week’s top picks: [Insert Content]”
  • “Don’t let Thursday slip by without checking out [Insert Content]”
  • “It’s almost Friday! Here’s what you need to know before the weekend”
  • “Don’t miss out on this week’s [Insert Offer or Discount]”
  • “Thursday’s exclusive: [Insert Content or Offer]”
  • “Last chance to [Insert Action] before the weekend starts”
  • “Make the most of your Thursday with [Insert Content]”
  • “Today’s top reads: [Insert Content]”
  • “Get ready for the weekend with [Insert Content]”
  • “Don’t miss out on this week’s events”
  • “It’s almost the weekend! Here’s what you need to do”
  • “Make the most of your Thursday with our [Insert Offer or Discount]”
  • “Thursday’s top picks: [Insert Content]”
  • “Don’t let the week end without checking out [Insert Content]”
  • “Get a jump on your weekend plans with [Insert Content]”
  • “Don’t miss out on this week’s deals and discounts”
  • “You Won’t Believe What This Dog Did”
  • “This Baby Panda Is Too Cute for Words”
  • “This Rescued Piglet Is the Cutest Thing Ever”
  • “Aww, This Kitten Just Wants a Hug”

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Thursday Email Subject Lines Examples

  • Have You Heard? [Name] Just Launched a New Email Series on [Topic]
  • Get the Inside Scoop on [Topic]
  • Missed the Live Broadcast? Here’s a Recording of [Name]’s Latest Webinar
  • Here’s What Happened When [Name] Tried [New Technique/Tool/Idea]
  • Last chance to snag these [ limited time offer/freebie/discount]
  • Exciting news! We’re launching [new product/feature]
  • Customer Spotlight: See How [Name] is Using [Your Product/Service]
  • Webinar Recap: Thank you for attending!
  • Q&A with the Experts: Everything You Wanted to Know About [Topic but Were Afraid to Ask]
  • The Top [Number] Myths about [topic debunked
  • Everything you need to know about[topic]
  • The Benefits of[topic ]and How You Can Get Started
  • [Topic]: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide
  • An Introduction for Advanced Learners
  • How to[ topic technique/strategy]: A step-by-step guide Email Subject Lines,
  • New Products You Might Like If You enjoyed[Previous Purchase],
  • If You Liked[Last Email], You’ll Love What we Have for You this week
  • Introducing:[Product],
  • [Discount Amount][Product],
  • Thanks for being a loyal customer! Here’s a[special offer/discount/gift].
  • “This Little Girl and Her Duck Will Melt Your Heart”
  • “How One Man is Making a Difference for Animals”
  • “Rescued Rhino Finds New Home”
  • “These Adorable Baby monkeys Will Make Your Day”
  • “10 Cats Who Totally Nailed It”
  • “11 Dogs Who Are total BFFs”
  • “Can You Spot the Dog Hiding in This Picture?”
  • “artist Creates Stunningly Hyper-realistic Animal Sculptures”
  • “The Internet Can’t Get Enough of These Funny Animal Memes”
  • “Who Knew Ostriches Could Be So Cuddly?”
  • “16 Times Animals Proved They’re Actually People Too”
  • ” These (Underprivileged) Kids Got to Ride Horses for the First Time Today”
  • ” Remembering Those We Lost This Year: 15 In Memoriam Videos of Famous Animals”
  • . “‘Tis the Season! Check Out These Festive Animal Photos to Get You Into the Holiday Mood”

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Benefits of Thursday Email Subject Lines

A good email subject line is the key to getting your message read. After all, if your email isn’t opened, your message can’t be read! But what makes a good email subject line? In general, you want your subject line to be clear, concise, and direct. Thursday Email Subject Lines are a great way to accomplish all three of these goals.

By starting your subject line with “Thursday,” you immediately let your recipients know what day it is. This may seem like a small thing, but it can be crucial in ensuring that your email is opened on the day that you intended it to be. Furthermore, by keeping your subject line short and to the point, you increase the chances that your email will be read. And finally, by being direct in your subject line, you leave no room for confusion about what your email contains.


Thursday email subject lines can be some of the most successful when it comes to getting your subscribers to open your emails. The key is to keep them short, sweet, and engaging. We hope you found this blog helpful in giving you some ideas for your next Thursday email campaign. Are you ready to try out a few new subject lines? Let us know how they work for you! Follow us on Pinterest for more updates.

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