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105 Catchy Travel agency slogans & Taglines ideas to grab attention

Travel Agency Slogans

Are you interested to open your travel agency and Looking for a travel agency slogans? If you are passionate about traveling and love visit over the world then this business is made for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you own, you want your brand to be the one people remember. And for that you need a Unique and catchy Slogan. A good slogan always represents your business in a unique way and stick to the mind of your customers. All over the world, there are several slogans that are use to grab the attention of a targeted audience. When we start a new business we need several things and the most important thing is a good business slogan.

Sometimes people are so confused from where they start to convert there dream into reality. I think the first step is to decide what business you want to start. Then do analysis and research about your business industry. After that, the most important factor is to give a name and slogan to your travel agency.

In this article, we will share a complete list of slogans for tours and travels company. Also, share the process to create your own slogan for travel and tours. You just need to keep these important points and you are good to go.

What is Slogan and its type?

A slogan is short phrase having 6-7 words that represents your business and used for brand advertisement and marketing. It also shows tone and emotion of your business as well.

There are two main type of slogan.

  • A slogan that are use in brand identity is called Business Slogans.
  • And a slogan is called advertising slogan that is use in advertising and marketing of a brand.

Some Well-known brand slogans

  •  Apple : Think different
  • Adidas : Impossible is nothing
  • Burger King : Have it your way
  • Coca-Cola : Open happiness
  • Google : Don’t be evil
  • Nike : Just do it
  • Facebook : Move fast and break things

Tips that Create a Attractive Slogan For your Hotel

There are many things considering while creating travel company slogans few of them are

  • your travel agency slogans should be simple and unique
  • Easy to read and remember.
  • Make sure your advertising slogans for travel agency complements your name and logo
  • A slogan that can communicate to the People. They know about your identity and the services when they listen or see your slogan any where.
  • The slogan should be sleek and attractive.
  • Make sure it can’t sound like anyone else’s.
  • Be Creative when you are creating your

Understand whats make a bad slogans?

while creating a slogan for your travel and tour agency you should also know what thing not to do.

  • A lengthy Slogan not good for your travel agency it may bore your audience
  • If you use a rhythm that’s not suits and also not able to represent your business nicely will ruin your hotel marketing.
  • Every slogan take a lot of time and patience. Making a slogan without giving enough time will be the cause of your business failure
  • If your slogan is different from your company logo and name it will also not good for your company
  • if your slogan sounds not cool or like someone else might have bad effect on your tour agency.
catchy travel agency slogans
catchy travel agency slogans

Attractive and catchy travel agency slogans and taglines ideas

  • A Traveler’S Mind
  • A strong Travel Team
  • Join us on One Click
  • Because you deserve to rest
  • We know what you need
  • Follow the roads
  • We make Memory travels
  • Take atrip
  • We welcome you
  • Let us Drive
  • Have fun
  • Enjoy your vacation
  • A destination trip
  • Elite vibes tours
  • We lift Happy Marks
  • Let’s do it
  • You deserve more
  • What are you looking for
  • A Fun trip never ends
  • We have experts
  • Are you in the Summer holidays
  • Never left bore
  • An adventures trip
  • Good memories only
  • Positive vibes with us
  • Spring is bing
  • Trip to dreamland
  • Fill your life with adventure
  • Feel free
  • All you need is a trip
  • World to see
  • Travel with us
  • Live your life
  • A fun way to live
  • Discover a new world
  • Where loves begin
  • Distance to destination
  • Feel your wings
  • A trip fill your soul
  • Know your value
  • only possible on the road
  • Travel vibes
  • Lets Explore
  • The explorer
  • Come out from comfort zone
  • Here you go
  • Want to live?
  • Wherever you want
  • Choose your dream
  • We never disappoint you
  • Trip once in awhile
  • Freedom to go
  • A journey with joy
  • Stay save, have Fun
  • Only Luxury feelings
  • Helping you to visit
  • All you need a passport
  • Quality in every ride
  • Feel that sunshine
  • It’s full of love
  • The perfect partner in trips
  • Make your new world
  • Travelling is our passion

Let us tell which one you choose for your travel slogan.

advertising slogans for travel agency
advertising slogans for travel agency

Generate your own advertising slogans for travel agency Following simple step

if you are not fully satisfy with your existing slogan because its not unique enough. May be because you choose it randomly or not following any rules. In this article we will share our secrete points that we use creating slogans. You just need to keep these point in mind wile creating your travel agency company slogans.

Step 1: Understand your business:

Firstly, You need to understand your business what are your business about? Whats your business strategy? what make your business unique? and most important thing what are your services? You need these thing to know first because if you don’t know what exactly you sell. Then how could you give a perfect slogan and name for your business.

Step 2: choose Travel agency company name and logo

Before choosing slogan you need your agency name & logo. As these three thing of your business are interlink with each other. Your slogan must complement to name and logo of your company.

To know how to create business name

Step 3 : Make it simple & short

A good slogan always simple and short. Try to use less words in your business slogan. Make it as simple phrase as you can. You don’t need to make it complicated just to confuse your customer this is not good for your business.

Step 4: Take enough time

Creating slogan is time consuming taken. Don’t be hurry in this process. You need to pay full intention and time to your slogan creating process. Most of the startup are faceing failure because of this mistak.

Step 5: Do Research

While choosing your slogan do a deep research and choose a slogan that are more trusty & unique. A slogan that communicates to your targeted audience directly. A nd convey your selling purpose

Step 6: A language that everyone understand

Write your travel company slogans in a language that understandable and use widely. The English language is use almost all over the world so try to write it in English language.

Step 7: Make sure no one use it before

When you come up with travel agency slogans ideas you need to check that these names are not in use of someone.

slogans for tours and travels company
slogans for tours and travels company

How to test your travel agency slogans?

When you are satisfied with your hotel slogans then you need to test it through different ways

  • By getting feedback from friends and family.
  • Take reviews from random people about your slogan
  • You can also ask your customer to share their thoughts what they think about your travel taglines?
  • Sometime a slogan on paper looks good but when it sound loud its not sounds good so also try it aloud.

Where you use your travel agency Slogans?

Your slogan is a representative of your travel agency. It places everywhere with your travel agency name and logo For instance your travel taglines will used on

  • Firstly,your visiting card
  • Secondly,On promotion pamphlets
  • On Advertising boards
  • Also, on your travel agency website
  • On social media platforms
  • Lastly your transport vehicle as well

Last Few Words

In conclusion, A slogan is nee of every business. As it is the main factor of your travel agency you need to give full attention. Its time taking process but by following our points you get a catchy travel agency slogans in very less time. We try to cover all the factors that are important in business slogan process. But, still if you have any confusion or query feel free to contact us.

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