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335+ Creative Wedding Planner Slogans & Taglines to Attain more clients

Catchy Wedding Planner Slogans & Taglines Ideas

If you are getting married, one of the most important things that you should do is to actually plan out your wedding. This holds especially true for couples who want to make sure that they know what they are doing. If you wish to make things easier on yourselves, then it would be smart for you to come up with some catchy wedding planner slogans . Mind you, this is not just an ordinary slogan that can be found anywhere in this world. We are talking about a marketing or advertising tagline here.

Therefore, if you think that coming up with catchy wedding planning slogans will be difficult for you, then better stick around. In this article, we would provide all the necessary instructions and ideas which will aid any couple in their attempt to develop effective slogans or taglines.

Wedding Planner Slogans – How To Make One?

Now, before we actually discuss some awesome wedding planner slogans , it is important for us to talk about how better creating one really is. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when coming up with a working slogan or tagline:

• It Must Be Memorable . You have probably heard this from those who offer advertising services and those who do business marketing as well. In order for your phrase or slogan to become effective, it has to be catchy and memorable.

It Has To Be Unique . Your slogan or tagline or whatever you call it shouldn’t sound like those that are being used by your competitors. This is one of the most important rules in marketing since there can only be a single winner at the end of the day. You have to make sure that your sound different from everyone else’s.

Keep It Short And Simple . You may be tempted to come up with something long-winded for your wedding planner slogans but trust us when we tell you that people will definitely not remember this if they see it as too wordy. In fact, if your slogan is really good, then you can play around with its length as far as possible.

Creative Wedding Planner Tagline Ideas
Creative Wedding Planner Tagline Ideas

Catchy Wedding Planner Slogans & Taglines Ideas

In general, a wedding planner slogans are sentences that forces people to think about your service as the best choice that they have for their unique wedding ceremony. In other words, Slogans tells them that you are really reliable and promises them that you will not let them down when it comes to helping them plan out one of the most important events in their lives. Mind you, this is just an example of a slogan or tagline for a wedding planner . You can develop more awesome slogans with creative ideas from this article.

  1. When It Comes To Your Special Day, We’ve Got You Covered!
  2. Coming Up With Memorable Moments Is What We Do Best
  3. Home Of The Most Talented Wedding Professionals
  4. For The Best Wedding Ever, There’s Only One Name To Remember – Us.
  5. A Perfect Union Starts With Us.
  6. A Wedding Is The Most Special Day In Our Books.
  7. We’re Not Just Another Pretty Face, We’re A Full Service Company
  8. From Day One To Your Big Day, We’ve Got You Covered
  9. To Have And To Hold From This Day Forward, For Better Or For Worse, For Richer, For Poorer In Sickness And In Health… TILL DEATH DO WE PART!
  10. Making Weddings Fun Again!
  11. Your Event Starts With Us. Your Memories Last Forever.
  12. Let’s Get Started On Making New Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!
  13. Our Clients Are Treasured Like Diamonds And Loved Like Family  
  14. (your business name)  Is All About You
  15. The First Step To Your Happily Ever After Starts Here
  16. Our Specialty Is Making All Of Your Dreams Come True!
  17. We Are Your Destination For A Memorable Day
  18. Life’s Moments Are What We Make Of Them. Let Us Make This Moment Extraordinary.

Creative Wedding Planner Tagline Ideas

The main reasons why people use these types of slogans is to entice more clients into their fold. If you have a lot of people talking about your services and telling others how reliable they are in providing wedding planning ideas, Catchy slogans will definitely help increase your client base. At least for wedding planners , there might not be a better marketing or advertising tool than slogans one.

  • Like A Good Neighbor, (business name) Is There!
  • Let Us Help You Start The Next Chapter In Life’s Storybook
  • Where Memories And Dreams Become Reality – One Wedding At A Time!
  • Your Appointment With Success Starts Now!
  • From Dream Prom to Fairy Tale Receptions, We’re Making Magic for You!
  • We’re Making Magic Happily Every Afters!
  • Your Special Day Starts With Us. We Love A Great Love Story!
  • For The Perfect Wedding, There’s No Place Like (your business name)
  • Home Of The Most Talented Wedding Professionals. Call Today To Get Started On Your Fairy Tale Ending…
  • The Last Stop Before The Bridal Bliss Begins!
  • Dreaming Of You For 9 Months? We’ve Been Dreaming Of This Day Since Day One. Bring It Home With A Dream Team Experience That Will Blow Your Mind Away.
  • Love Is In The Air At (business name)!   We Strive To Create Memorable Moments For Our Clients And Their Loved Ones!   
  • You’ve Got A World Class Event In Mind. Let Our World Class Event Planning Team Help Make It Happen!
  • Your Emotions Are Beautiful, So We Handle Your Special Day With Care… Because It’s A Work Of Art
  • We Love What We Do: Reputation Is Everything To Us
  • When Dreams Come True, That’s our Magic At Work!
  • If You Can Dream It, We Can Plan It For Less Budget Than You Think
Best Wedding Planner Tagline ideas
Best Wedding Planner Tagline ideas

Best Wedding Planner Tagline ideas

When you put up catchy wedding planner slogans , it helps create brand awareness at the same time. People may not always remember who it is that they should come to if they want the most beneficial wedding planning ideas. However, if you have a catchy slogan that can be used for them to easily recall you, then you are definitely on your way to becoming known by a lot of people.

  • Memories Are Made With Our Bridal Collection. So Start Making Memories With Us!
  • The Destination For A Memorable Day
  • When It Comes To Your Special Day, We’ve Got You Covered.
  • We’re Not Just Another Pretty Face – We’re A Full Service Company. Let Us Be Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Planning Needs!
  • Our Talented Team Will Create Unforgettable Moments And Gorgeous Details That Last A Lifetime… Because This Moment In Time Is What You Have Dedicated Your Life To Creating!
  • For The Best Wedding Ever, There’s Only One Name To Remember: (your business name) .     
  • It Starts Here.           
  • Whether The Date Is Set Or Still In Dreams, We Can Make It Happen!
  • Let Us Be Your Fairy Godmother And Help You Turn Those Fairy Tales Into A Reality!
  • We’re Here To Create The Most Magical Moments For You Today.
  • With 9 Months Of Planning And Counting, We’ll Ensure Your Fairy Tale Wedding Is Just Like You Imagined!            
  • For A Lifetime Of Memories,To Make Your Dream Event Come Alive!                  
  • From Dream Proms to Fairy Tale Receptions – It’s Always An Adventure When Our Talented Team Is Involved.
  • When Your Big Day Finally Arrives, Don’t Stress About Making It Unforgettable… Because With Us By Your Side Every Step Of The Way, Your Big Day Will Be A Day You’ll Never Forget!

Unique Tagline Wedding Organizer

When we talk about using catchy wedding planner slogans , there are actually several reasons why couples should do this. To give you an idea about how effective these slogans can be, here are some of the slogans that you can get from using them.

Just keep in mind that if your slogan is just similar with everyone else’s, it will no longer be effective anymore after a while. You should take note of this since it could spell disaster to your business in the long run.

  • It Starts With Our Team Of Talented Professionals Making Every Step Perfectly Planned & Every Detail Absolutely Picture Perfect.  
  • Our Mission Is To Execute Your Vision Into Reality!
  • We Love Magic And We’re Great At Making Wedding Dreams Come True.
  • The Time Is Now To Turn Your Special Date Into An Unforgettable Event.
  • For Exceptional Service & Outstanding Quality Call (business name) .    
  • We Make Every Dream Come True!
  • Make This Magical Moment Last Forever With Our Talented Team On Hand.   
  •  It All Starts Here…So What Are You Waiting For?                                                  
  • Our Passion Is Capturing Every Emotion And Creating Photographs That Take Your Breath Away
  • Life’s Most Precious Moments Happen Right Here In Our Studio… So Let Us Capture Them!
  • Stop Dreaming And Start Doing!                                                           
  • It’s All About The Little Details… We’ve Got You Covered.
  • Decide Now And Let Our Talented Team Make Your Wedding Planning A Breeze!  
  • We Can’t Wait To Work With You, So Get In Touch!   
  • Your Special Moments Are Waiting For Us.                                       
  • Capture How They Look Into Each Other’s Eyes Like They’ll Be Looking Forever….
  • Capture Those Precious Moments That Will Last A Lifetime…With Professionals Who Care As Much About Your Story As You Do.
  • And Lived Every Love Story Once Upon A Time…Now It Our Turn To Capture Yours.


The main thing that you have to bear in mind when coming up with a good slogan for your wedding planning business is to be unique and creative at the same time. If you want to attract people’s attention then you better go for something that they are not expecting. Being different does not mean being boring or offensive since there are actually lots of ways on how to use creativity without sacrificing your class as an expert in wedding planning .

The good news is that coming up with catchy wedding planner slogans can actually be very easy, especially if you take note of the tips shared above. Just remember not to overdo it and also to know what your target market really wants. By doing this, you will definitely come up with something good for your business!

I hope you enjoyed this list of catchy wedding planner slogans and found one that fits your business. If not, we’ve got a whole bunch more for you to choose from that! Comment below with the slogan that best suits your company or organization and we’ll add it to our growing collection.

Unique Tagline Wedding Organizer
Unique Tagline Wedding Organizer

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