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213+ Best Animal Abuse Slogans & Taglines ideas

Animal abuse is a huge problem in the world today. A lot of people may not realize it, but there are so many ways to help stop animal abuse. There are also a lot of ways to get involved in the fight against animal cruelty. One great way to help out is by coming up with catchy animal abuse slogans!

If you’ve ever seen a commercial or public service announcement about animal abuse, then you know that they can be pretty effective at getting their message across. But coming up with a good slogan is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together this list of catchy animal abuse slogans to help get you started.

The following is a list of animal abuse slogans that you can use for your next marketing campaign. These are perfect for branding and advertising purposes because they’re catchy, memorable phrases that consumers will love to see on billboards or hear in commercials. These sayings will also increase the likelihood of someone clicking on your website or social media page out of curiosity so be sure to include these in your next marketing plan! Check out these list of ideas to get you started. With your help, we can put an end to animal abuse for good!

Catchy Slogans Against Animal Cruelty
Catchy Slogans Against Animal Cruelty

Catchy Slogans Against Animal Cruelty

Animal abuse is a terrible and dark problem that affects not only animals, but humans as well. The following list of catchy slogans should help you start your own fundraising campaign to combat animal cruelty in the world today! What slogan do you like best?

  • Animal Abuse is a crime
  • Animals are not ours to abuse
  • Be an animal advocate, not an abuser
  • Cruelty is never cute or funny
  • A dog’s life isn’t yours to take
  • Animals are not ours to do with as we please
  • It is never okay to hurt an animal
  • Be kind, don’t abuse!
  • Animal cruelty is a crime!
  • Stop animal abuse now!
  • Animal abusers deserve to be punished for their crimes against animals and the law should protect them from these terrible people!
  • “What do you call a dog with no legs?”
  • “I’ll never forget the day my pet was put down.”
  • “If you love animals, don’t eat them!”
  • “Animals are not ours to use or abuse in any way.”
  • “Don’t buy fur – it’s murder on your feet!”
  • “We’re all members of the same animal family.”
  • “Love me, don’t eat me!”
  • “Love me, love my dog”
  • “Save a life, adopt an animal”
  • “Animals are not our property – they’re our friends”
  • “If you don’t like animals then why do you have one?”
  • “We need to stop abusing animals and start respecting them.”
  • “Animals deserve better than abuse.”
  • “We’re not just an animal shelter, we also have animals for adoption!”
  • “Animal abuse is illegal in these parts, so don’t even try it!”
  • “If you want to see some cute animals today, come on by and visit us! We’ve got plenty of them here at our shelter.”
  • Be kind, don’t hurt animals

Best Top 10 Slogans on Animal Cruelty

A list of funny animal abuse slogans for your next campaign. These are great to get people’s attention and make them stop to think about how animals are abused every single day. These slogans are helpful for you

  • “I’m not an animal; I’m a person too.”
  • “Don’t hit me, I’m not your pet”
  • “Stop the violence! Stop animal abuse!”
  • “Animals are not ours to experiment on!”
  • “End the violence – stop animal abuse now!”
  • “Punish animal abusers like they’re human”
  • “When I get a dog, it won’t be from a pet store”
  • “Don’t buy animals to play with them – adopt one of the millions in shelters!”
  • “If you love animals, don’t eat them!”
  • “I’m not wearing fur because I like what’s under my skin.”
  • “Animals are not ours to use or abuse.”
  • “Don’t be a beast, for animals!”
  • “Animals are not ours to use and abuse.”
  • “Animals don’t feel pain the way we do.”
  • “If you see animal abuse, report it!”
  • “No one deserves to be abused.”
  • “Abuse is never ok.”
  • “Stop the cycle of violence.”
  • “I am not your punching bag!”
  • “It’s not just about me – It’s about all animals!”
  • “Stop animal cruelty now!”
  • “Save a life today – adopt an animal from your local shelter”
  • “Abuse is never okay”
  • Animals don’t want to be hurt for our food. Demand cruelty free meals today!
  • If it doesn’t have fur or feathers, then why should we wear it?
  • I’d rather eat a carrot than a chicken any day of the week.
  • You wouldn’t hit your dog with a baseball bat, please don’t buy animal products that were made in this way either
  • The only thing better than saving an animal is adopting two!
Motivational Stop Animal Cruelty Slogans ideas
Motivational Stop Animal Cruelty Slogans ideas

Motivational Stop Animal Cruelty Slogans ideas

Do you care about animals? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. Well, one way to show your support for our furry friends is by using a slogan on a bumper sticker, or just sharing it with your friends on social media. Here are some great slogans to get you started!

  • Don’t tolerate animal abuse!
  • “I’m not cruel, I just love animals.”
  • “Animals are our friends, not food!”
  • “Stop animal abuse now!”
  • Animal Abuse is a crime
  • Animals are not ours to abuse
  • Protect animals, don’t abuse them
  • A dog’s life is worth more than your dinner plate
  • Don’t eat your pets – they’re family too!
  • Stop animal cruelty now!
  • “Animal abusers don’t deserve pets.”
  • “If you’re cruel to animals, you’ll be cruel to people too.”
  • “We need more pet owners and fewer pet killers”
  • “No animal deserves to be abused”
  • “Animal abuse is a crime – do not take the law into your own hands”
  • “Animals are not ours to hurt, they have their own lives and feelings too”
  • “If you see something, say something.”
  • “Stop animal cruelty!”
  • “I love my pet, but I don’t want to eat them.”
  • “Don’t be a dick…don’t abuse animals.”
  • “It’s not enough to just say no…you have to mean it!”
  • “Pets are family too!”
  • “Animals deserve respect, care and protection from the cruelty of people”
  • “All creatures great and small”
  • “A dog is not just for Christmas”
  • “Be kind to animals or we’ll be kind to you”
  • “Don’t buy a pet – adopt one!”
  • “Animals are not ours to use and abuse”
  • “Dogs deserve better than the shelter”
  • “If it’s wrong for us, then why isn’t it wrong for them?”
  • Be their voice; let’s put an end to animal cruelty!


We hope you got some great ideas for catchy slogans to stop animal abuse with these lists. If you have any other slogan suggestions, please share them in the comments below! The power of your voice is critical in stopping this kind of suffering from continuing. Together we can make a world where animals are treated well and respected by all people. If you have any other creative suggestions, please share them in the comments below. Still if you have any question related this topic you can contact us through comment box. we are always there to help you.

Best Top 10 Slogans on Animal Cruelty
Best Top 10 Slogans on Animal Cruelty

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