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333+ Catchy Flower Slogans & Taglines ideas to attract more people

Creative Flower Shop slogans and Tagline ideas

Are you a Florist? and Wanting flower slogans? Flowers are not only famous for their beauty, but also because of the great variety of purposes they serve. We grow flowers to adorn our homes and churches with, we admire them as a hobby and we use them as decoration for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

Flowers can even be used to express emotions that otherwise would have been hard to put into words. This is why slogans with flowers in them are quite popular with marketers who want to catch the attention of a target audience.

In this article you will find a list of catchy flower slogans you could use on your website or any other marketing material that includes various types of flower slogans from short quotes about flowers…to more elaborate business slogans using combinations of different type of flowers.

Our team of expert writers has done extensive research to bring this list of flower slogans to you. We hope that these catchy slogans will inspire your creativity and assist you in creating powerful messages with our favorite flowers.

Attractive flower shop slogans ideas
Attractive flower shop slogans ideas

Creative Flower Shop slogans and Tagline ideas

Flower is a gift of nature and it has the power to beautify the environment. There are many types different flowers which attract people by its color, fragrance and beauty. Flowers can be used for decoration purpose, wedding ceremonies and various other occasions such as birthday parties, get together etc. Here we have listed some Catchy Flower Slogans that will give you great slogan ideas for your business promotion and attracting more customers towards you:

  • A garden is not made with walls…it’s made with flowers
  • Acting like a lady…Smelling like a rose
  • All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small
  • Blossoms in her hair, sweetness everywhere
  • Cheer up! It’s blooming marvelous outside today!
  • Enchantment is in bloom today – You’re looking very lovely
  • Flowers bloom around us everywhere! Let’s go and find a new one to make your day beautiful!
  • Flower power – Be pampered with fresh flowers today
  • Freesia – the flower is me, the perfume…you
  • Friendship blossoms when words are shared by two hearts that care  
  • Give a Smile, Get a Smile. Give a Hug, Get 10 Hugs  
  • Grounded in passion for flowers- Rooted in life’s richness.
  • We believe in making every day extraordinary with our joyous floral arrangements
  • Flowers speak the language of love!
  • Just because I am your friend, please never forget to send me flowers!
  • Experience the exclusive collection of high quality silk flowers online at (shop name) Flowers , where we have some of the most stunning silk flowers!
  • A flower is a gift that can never be returned. That’s why God made so many.    
  • Flowers are the music of life
  • Every time you order one of our high quality silk flower arrangements, you are helping us plant a tree in your honor.    
  • The road to success begins with good transportation – Flowers .   

Attractive flower shop slogans ideas

Nowadays, flower shops are opening up online through which you can easily purchase your desired flowers without stepping out of your home or office. So if you’re looking for some unique tagline ideas for your upcoming store then here is an exclusive list consisting of ‘best’ flower shop tagline ideas.

  • We deliver fresh 24 x 7 x 365 days in (location), since we know there is no day when people don’t need flowers!
  • we assure you will get 100 percent customer satisfaction by shopping at (shop name)
  • A flower can make a person smile, but it cannot mend that person’s troubles
  • Hey guys – just for you, we have made the best collection of flowers online. Why wait? Come delight in our amazing silk flower arrangements!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, give me your order today at (shop name) and see how I take care of it !   
  • I’m definitely not one of those girls who loves chocolate or stuffed animals… all I want is to get some fresh flowers from my boyfriend once in a while!     
  • You worry too much about what other people think about you. Let us handle the flowers . We know how to do it right.
  • One day your prince will come on his white horse with flowers from our shop
  • You can never go wrong with flowers
  • (shop name) is the ultimate destination for beautiful flowers !   
  • Put a smile on my face I want you, come to me tonight at (location)!   
  •  Roses are red, violets are blue, happy birthday  to the love of my life!    
  • At (shop name) , we have ensured 100 percent satisfaction in all our products. Come home to us now!
  • When you need fresh flowers delivered in no time, trust only  us at (location). You won’t regret it !   

Unique Flower Shop Tagline Ideas

How do you find the perfect flower shop tagline? If you’re anything like me, you’ve already read numerous articles on how to create great taglines for your business . But sometimes simply reading about it isn’t enough, which is why I decided to compile this list of unique flower shop taglines that you can use on your website, on business cards or on any other promotional materials.

  • Come discover our collection of silk flowers online at (shop name) where we offer some of the best silk flower arrangements out there!
  • I think that if more marriages were made in heaven, then there would be fewer divorces on earth.     
  • A journey around the world begins with single step and a life filled with happiness begins with (company name).   
  • Valentine’s Day is here again and I am ready to spend it right beside my dearest wife – Flowers !   
  • Experience exclusive high quality silk flower arrangements at (shop name), only available online!   
  • Life is too short to ignore the beauty of flowers
  • Fresh flowers make me feel nice inside. That’s why I send them everywhere and always!
  • Shop at (shop name) and you shall find a paradise garden of silk flowers !   
  • If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life – Flowers   
  • In the world of flowers , my love is unique!    
  • Thank God it’s Friday – that means more time to spend with Flowers   
  •  A flower stands for gentleness, love, passion and femininity
  • I want someone who will say ‘no’ when I need it – Flowers .   
  • A flower stands for kindness, affection & purity. And that’s what you are to me, my dear!
  • Now that it is Valentine’s Day, remember that I am still yours – Flowers .   
  • (shop name) flowers are the best in the world!   
Unique Flower Shop Tagline Ideas
Unique Flower Shop Tagline Ideas

Catchy slogans for flower shops ideas

Some of the best marketing campaigns in history have been built around taglines, and one of the most common techniques is to ask a question. The right question can resonate with your audience because everyone wants to know what others think about their choices and decisions. After all, we’re social animals at heart and want to know that other people are watching us when we choose something or do something. These are Catchy Flower Slogans Ideas for your next Advertisement Campaign or Marketing Use :

  • A garden of flowers for everyone
  • We work hard so you don’t have to!
  • Beautiful flowers for beautiful people  
  • Make today a special day by surprising someone with stunning blooms delivered right to their doorstep!
  • Blooms beyond compare
  • Our expert florists are passionate about the beauty of every flower they touch
  • From our family to yours
  • Celebrating life with flowers since (Years)!   
  • The best blooms, anywhere.  
  • When only the finest will do.    
  • The tastiest treats for your special someone.   
  • Easily order online and have flowers delivered today.
  • Beautiful flowers that last forever .  
  • Flowers to call home about .  
  • Growing haute horticulture half-way around the world.
  • Flower delivery made easy by techies who never stop thinking outside the box.  Our passion is your bouquet!    
  • Say it with flowers that grow everywhere …except here (we like unique or rare plants).  
  • I’m open for business, roses only please
  • We have years of experience when it comes to providing silk flower arrangements.
  • At (shop name) , our experts only select the freshest flowers for our customers so they never get disappointed. Come get your own arrangement today!        
  • Shop at (shop name), one of the most popular florists around town.
  • Forget about diamonds. Give me fresh flowers any day and I will be all yours forever!   

Best florist slogan & florist tagline Taglines ideas

Do you own a florist business or someone in your family is a florist? If yes, then perhaps it’s the time to make your business more popular and familiar among people. One of the top ways to promote any business using slogans and taglines. So here we have collected some best ideas/taglines for flower shops, garden centers from our readers from all over the world.

  • Love what we do, so you don’t have to!   
  • Bring our garden to your doorstep.
  • Fresh flowers every day for fresh people with fresh ideas.    
  • Just a click away – send the perfect gift today!
  • Reliable florists you can trust since
  • Celebrate someone special with blooms from Fresh Flowers Daily – we have something for everyone!    
  • Flowers you’ll remember forever…because they last so long!     
  • Custom-crafted arrangements that pop.
  • We love what we do, just like you love who you’re sending flowers to!         
  • We promise it will be fun working together .           
  • Here, there and everywhere – a stunning mix of classic and modern designs, brought to life by local flower farms.  
  • We carry only the finest fresh cut flowers from the best growers around the world.
  • We’re independent, which means we choose who to work with and what we carry.  That makes it easy for us to offer outstanding quality at great prices .
  • Nobody delivers better!             
  • Our caring florists make a difference in people’s lives every day…even if they don’t know it yet.   
  • What can we do for you today?       
  • Get the most out of life – send flowers from Fresh Flowers Daily!              
  •   You deserve gorgeous blooms that arrive on time and still look fantastic when they get there.  
  • Sending flowers is our business, but making someone smile is our goal.   
  • We deliver fresh flowers anywhere around the world so that you never have to go without.    

Catchy flower shop slogans Ideas

I searched through my old files recently  and found that I had written down one of my favorite quotations on this subject: ” A  good slogan  should be  a phrase  at once  ridiculous  and  touching, like ‘Motherhood – The Example of All Sacrifices’  and ‘Lend to Defend the Country’  and ‘Be Calm, Drink Tea'” – George Orwell. So here I present you some of the best florist slogans and taglines ideas for florists business with hope that this collection will prove helpful for you.

  • We deliver smiles!
  • The closer friend, the sweeter flower
  • There’s nothing like a dame!
  •  It is difficult to say which flower blooms in the spring.
  • The art of flowers, the magic of love.
  • Flowers are a sweet silent language an angel can speak.
  • We at your service!
  • When you need to give someone all your love, there is nothing better than flowers. 
  • We deliver smiles!                                   
  • I want to be your flower and your garden.
  • Life is sweeter with flowers.
  • Flowers speak a silent language of love and emotions.
  • A moment spent in the company of flowers can lift one’s spirits forever.
  • Smile, Life is beautiful!
  • The fragrance of our flowers brings hope to today and bright memories for tomorrow.
  • There’s nothing like a dame!  
  •      When you need to give someone all your love, there is nothing better than flowers . 
  • The art of flowers , the magic of love .
  • We at your service !  
  • Only flower lovers understand what I’m going through…
  • I have a magic formula for success – just mix flowers and love!


By the time we reached at the end of this list, we’re sure you’ll find a perfect flower shop tagline to describe your business and services. So feel free to use any one or few as per your requirements.

Comment below and let us know which of these slogans you like best. If we missed your favorite, comment on it too! We’d love to hear about what flowers make you happy or how they can be used as a marketing tool for your business. Which slogan is the catchiest? Most clever? The most useful in attracting more people to buy from you?

Please let us know in case if you have suggestions/comments about our article so that we can improve it for future readers. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and please stay tuned with us for more upcoming awesome articles (slogans). You can also check out our exclusive collection of best flower shop tagline examples . Thank You! Team Our Planet’s Future

Catchy slogans for flower shops ideas
Catchy slogans for flower shops ideas

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