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117+ Creative October Email Subject Lines Examples

October Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are a great way to engage your readers and let them know what’s happening in your world as It’s almost the end of October, which means people are starting to think about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday plans. But it’s also time to start thinking about your email marketing strategy for the rest of the year. Check out these October email subject lines examples to get inspired!

How to Write October Email Subject Lines?

As the leaves change colors and the weather gets cooler, people’s email inboxes start to fill up with messages from companies trying to capitalize on the October spirit. While it’s important to stand out in a crowded inbox, it’s even more important to make sure your email subject line is relevant and engaging. Here are some tips for writing October email subject lines that will grab attention and keep people reading:

  1. Be timely: reference current events or seasonal trends in your subject line.
  2. Be creative: use puns or play on words to make your subject line stand out.
  3. Be straightforward: sometimes the best way to get people to open your email is to simply tell them what’s inside.

By following these tips, you can write October email subject lines that will grab attention and keep people reading.

October Subject Lines Examples

October Email Subject Lines

  • Ready for Fall? Get {discount} off your next purchase!
  • It’s time to cozy up with {brand}!
  • October is spooky season! Get {spooky deals} on your favorite products!
  • Get ready for the holidays with {brand}!
  • Score big this October with our {amazing deals}!
  • Trick or Treat! Get {free shipping} on your next order!
  • Fall back in love with {brand} this October!
  • We’ve got some frightfully good deals for you this October!
  • Get ready to celebrate Halloween with {brand}!
  • It’s time to get cozy with {brand} this fall!
  • October is the perfect time to stock up on {essentials}!
  • Get a jump on your holiday shopping with {brand}!
  • Don’t let the pumpkin spice lattes fool you, it’s still summertime here at {brand}!
  • Our fall collection is now available, shop now and get {discount} off your purchase!
  • The leaves may be falling, but our prices are still rising – shop now and get {discount} off your purchase of $100 or more!
  • Stay warm this fall with our newest arrivals from {brand}!
  • This October, treat yourself to something special from {brand}!
  • It’s time to break out the sweaters and scarves, and we’ve got just what you need – shop our fall collection now and get {discount} off your purchase of $75 or more!
  • . The temperatures are dropping, but our prices are still hot – shop now and save on your favorite fall styles!
  • Get ready for pumpkin spice everything with our latest arrivals from {brand} – shop now and save on your purchase of $50 or more!”

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October Subject Lines Examples

  • You won’t believe what’s new in October!
  • Get ready for a spook-tacular October!
  • It’s time to get cozy this October!
  • Get ready for pumpkin everything this October!
  • It’s almost Halloween – time to get spooky!
  • October is the perfect month for cozy fires and warm drinks!
  • What are you doing this October?
  • Get excited for fall with these October events!
  • It’s time to start planning your Halloween costume!
  • Here are some great ideas for pumpkin carving this year!
  • Are you prepared for the chilly weather of October?
  • Get into the spirit of the season with these autumn activities!
  • Welcome the change of seasons with these tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall.
  • Spice up your autumn menu with these seasonal recipes!
  • Is your home ready for the cooler weather of fall? Check out these tips for preparing your home for autumn!
  • Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to focus on YOU – here are some great ideas for Self-Care Sunday in October!
  • Ready to get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air? Check out these hiking trails in your area!
  • Fall is the perfect time to start a new hobby – check out these ideas and find something that interests you!
  • Curl up with a good book this autumn – here are some great reads to enjoy this season!
  • Looking for some fun events to attend this October? Check out our list of the best things happening around town this month!”

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October Newsletter Subject Lines

  1. You won’t believe what happened next!”
  2. “Introducing our new [product/service]”
  3. “How to [solve a problem]”
  4. “[Number] ways to [achieve a goal]”
  5. “The benefits of [product/service]”
  6. “Are you making these [mistakes/errors]?”
  7. “[Customer testimonial]”
  8. “The story of [company/brand]”
  9. “How we [achieved a goal/overcame a challenge]”
  10. “[Lesson learned]”
  11. “[Product review]”
  12. “[Industry news]”
  13. “Why [this matters to you]”
  14. “[Free download]”
  15. “[Coupon code inside!}
  16. “[ case study ]”
  17. “Meeting[ event name ]”
  18. “Webinar: How to[ do something ]”
  19. “Mailbag: Answers to your questions”
  20. .”Thank you!”

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October Email Subject Lines Samples

  • “Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?”
  • “October Exclusive: ‘Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse'”
  • “You Won’t Believe What This Witch Can Do!”
  • “A Unbelievable Transformation! From Witch to Beauty Queen”
  • “BOO! Get Your Halloween Costume Here!”
  • “What’s Your Halloween Horror Story?”
  • “Trick or Treat! Sweet Deals Inside”
  • “From Ghouls to Goblins – Get Ready for Halloween Fun!”
  • “Delicious Fall Recipes You MUST Try”
  • “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Get Umbrellas here!”
  • “‘Tis the Season…for seasonal allergies? Help is here!”
  • “Warm Up This Fall With These Cozy Drinks”
  • “‘Leaves’ falling in love with these autumn-inspired products!”
  • “Pumpkin spice and everything nice – Fall favorites coming your way!”
  • “‘October’ the best month ever with these fun activities!”
  • “Halloween is just ‘spook-tacular’ with these ideas!”
  • “Don’t be a ‘scaredy-cat’ this Halloween – printable fun inside!”
  • “Howl-loween! Go ‘woof’ with these pet-friendly activities”
  • “What are you going to be for Halloween? Show us your costume ideas!”
  • “I’m ‘dying’ to show you what we have in store this October…”

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Benefits of October Email Subject Lines

One of the great things about email subject lines is that they allow you to get very specific. And what could be more specific than an email with an October subject line? October is a month full of holidays, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for special sales and promotions. By crafting an October email subject line that is relevant to your target audience, you can increase the likelihood that your email will be opened and read.

Additionally, an October email subject line can help you to stand out in a cluttered inbox. With so many emails competing for attention, it can be difficult to make your message stand out. But a well-chosen October email subject line can help you to cut through the noise and catch your readers’ attention.


October is a great time to experiment with your email subject lines and see what works best for your audience. Hopefully, these examples have given you some inspiration and you’re now ready to start drafting your own subject lines for the month. Keep in mind the principles we talked about earlier – relevance, curiosity, and timeliness – when creating your headlines, and be sure to test them out to see which generate the most engagement from subscribers. What are you waiting for? Start brainstorming some great subject lines today!

October Newsletter Subject Lines

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